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Meningitis FAQ - Vaccine Clinics and Costs

Updated 1/5/17

When will Princeton University hold meningitis B vaccine clinics?

The University held several clinics in September, October and November 2016. No additional clinics are scheduled. Vaccines are available at University Health Services, by appointment.

Two doses, at least one month apart, are required for maximum protection.

May I receive the vaccine on campus if I did not make it to the clinic?

Students who did not make it to the clinics may make an appointment for the vaccine at University Health Services online or by calling 609-258-3141.

I am under 18, do I need to have my parent sign a consent form?

Yes.  The consent for is available here.

I already received two doses of the meningitis B vaccine.  Do I need a booster dose?

No.  At this time, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not recommending additional doses of the meningitis B vaccines for individuals who have already received two doses of Bexsero or three doses of Trumenba.

Which meningitis B vaccines are available at the University?

Bexsero, a two-dose vaccine, and Trumenba, a two or three-dose vaccine, are available at University Health Services.  Bexsero was available at the clinics.

How much should I expect to pay out of pocket for the meningitis B vaccine provided at University Health Services?

It depends on your insurance.  Students who do not have the Student Health Plan can pay by check or have the cost applied to their student bill.  Most insurance companies will reimburse some or all of these costs.  The Student Health Plan covers the full cost of the vaccine.

I have the Student Health Plan.  What should I expect with regard to billing for the vaccine?

If you have the Student Health Plan (SHP), you will not see any charges to your student account.




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