Emergency Management at Princeton

Derek Ziegler was hired as Assistant Director for Emergency Preparedness in March 2021. Derek works closely with the University's Emergency Management Group (EMG).

The EMG is co-chaired by the Assistant Vice President for Public Safety and the Assistant Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety.  The Executive Vice President will designate the lead chair depending on the type of emergency.  The roles and responsibilities of the co-chairs include:

  • Providing leadership to the EMG
  • Defining additional University offices needed in response to a campus emergency
  • Gathering and deploying University resources for response and mitigation.

The EMG provides centralized direction and control of any or all of the following functions as they pertain to Princeton University: 

  • Determine the scope and impact of the incident;
  • Prioritize emergency actions and request for emergency personnel;
  • Deploy and coordinate resources and equipment;
  • Assign responsibilities and duties as necessary to maintain the integrity of the university and its primary mission;
  • Provide support to emergency operations at the Field Command Post;
  • Issue communications and warnings through University Communications;
  • Request additional resources from outside agencies and implement memorandums of agreements;
  • Coordinate with local, state and other governmental agencies; monitor and continually evaluate conditions;
  • Analyze damage assessment data, identify business recovery priorities and associated resource needs, and convey this information to the university administration, the Field Command Post and departments; and
  • Oversee implementation of university business continuity and resumption plans.
  • Review and support Environmental Health & Safety/University Health Services in medical coordination relating to mass casualty.