First Aid Policy

Policy Title: Policy on First Aid

Applicable to: All University faculty and staff

Effective Date: 04/30/2015

Responsible Executive: Treby Williams

Responsible Office: Environmental Health and Safety

Contacts: Kelly States

Last Update: July 1995


Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) requires that the University identify or provide facilities capable of providing first aid to injured employees. The University First Aid Policy address this requirement by establishing procedures for responding to work-related campus incidents where an injury or illness has occurred and providing the list of Employee Health approved first aid supplies which may be maintained by University departments and offices.

1. Obtaining First Aid

When immediate first aid is needed because of a work-related injury or illness, call the Department of Public Safety at 911.

Faculty and staff with less serious work-related injuries or illnesses should obtain treatment through Employee Health at McCosh Health Center during University business hours.

2. Transportation to Medical Facilities

The Department of Public Safety provides transportation in emergency situations to the McCosh Health Center. Public Safety may provide transportation to Princeton Medical Center in Plainsboro or may contact Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad to provide transportation for more serious situations. On the Forrestal Campus, the Emergency Services Unit of PPPL Site Protection Division provides transportation to Princeton Medical Center in Plainsboro unless directed otherwise by a University physician.

3. Reporting Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

All work-related injuries and illnesses must be reported to the injured person’s supervisor and to Employee Health at the McCosh Health Center immediately but no later than the next University business day by calling 609-258-5035, in accordance with University Policy 3.1.10 Workers' Compensation Leave & Benefits.

4. First Aid Supplies

All first aid supplies maintained by University departments and offices must be kept in sanitary condition and are limited to simple household supplies such as nitrile gloves, adhesive bandages, tape, and sterile gauze pads of various sizes which could be used to help in controlling heavy bleeding. No other first aid supplies are authorized without prior approval by Employee Health.

5. Training

Persons who wish to acquire first aid or CPR training are encouraged to avail themselves of local resources such as the Red Cross, local first aid squads, or University programs when offered.


Entity Role
University Health Services Administers first aid and other treatment for minor injuries. Authorizes first aid supplies maintained in University departments and offices.
Public Safety Administers first aid. Transports faculty, staff or students to McCosh Health Center or Princeton Medical Center in Plainsboro. Dispatches Princeton First Aid and Rescue or other ambulances, as needed.
Supervisors Ensure employees report work-related injuries and illnesses to Employee Health in University Health Services.
Faculty and Staff Report work-related injuries and illnesses to supervisors and Employee Health. Obtain first aid as needed.