Weapons on Campus

In order to protect and keep our campus community safe, the Department of Public Safety asks you to cooperate with our University policy and not possess any weapons on campus.  Any actions that threaten or endanger in any way the personal safety or security of others will be regarded as serious offenses. Please see this related section of Rights, Rules, Responsibilities, 1.2.6 Personal Safety.

What to Do:

If you see someone carrying a weapon (or what appears to be a weapon) on campus:

  • Move quickly away from the area and seek safety.
  • Call the Department of Public Safety at 911 or activate a blue light phone tower to report a weapon on campus.
  • Provide the dispatcher with the following information:
    • Description of the weapon.
    • Where you saw the weapon.
    • When you saw the weapon.
    • Description of the person with the weapon.
    • How the weapon was used, i.e., shown off or used to threaten another individual.
  • You may remain anonymous.
  • Department of Public Safety officers and/or local police will be dispatched to locate the individual with the weapon.