TigerSafe Reels Highlight Features on the App

Oct. 2, 2023

As part of a campaign to kick off the school year, Princeton Emergency Management created a series of Instagram Reels to highlight some of the useful tools available in the TigerSafe app. 

Check out the videos below to learn more. Click on the arrows symbol in the media player to view larger, or view them all on the Environmental Health and Safety page in Media Central.

TigerSafe Reel 1: Getting Around

Do you have the TigerSafe app, the official safety app of Princeton University? This month we'll be posting reels highlighting some cool features in the app. Today we feature real-time bus tracking, in the Maps and Transport Section!


TigerSafe Reel 2: FriendWalk

Do you know about the FriendWalk feature in TigerSafe? You can send your location in real time to a friend so they can watch you as you walk to your destination!


TigerSafe Reel 3: Mental Health Resources

Support from SHARE Princeton, UMatter and other campus resources is only a click away in the TigerSafe app.


TigerSafe Reel 4: WorkAlone

Are you a grad student, researcher or staff member who sometimes works alone? WorkAlone is a great feature of the TigerSafe app that prompts you to check in on your phone, and notifies a buddy if you don't!


TigerSafe Reel 5: What to Do If You're Locked Out

TigerSafe has lots of useful information in case you get locked out of your residence. Here's the run-down on what to do if you find yourself stuck without your prox card.