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March 12 Coronavirus Update to University Staff

TO: All Staff
FROM: Lianne Sullivan-Crowley, Vice President for Human Resources
SUBJECT: Coronavirus Update
DATE: March 12, 2020
These are anxious days for all of us, and I am writing to assure you that the University is working hard to safeguard the health and well-being of its faculty, staff, and students. I am grateful to everyone for taking measures to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus, be it through social distancing, frequent handwashing, other sanitary precautions, or self-isolation, while continuing to carry out their duties to the best of their ability. If we have each other’s backs—and we do!—we will meet this unprecedented challenge.
Yesterday evening, the University wrote to undergraduate students with disappointing news: In an abundance of caution, those without extenuating circumstances that require them to remain on campus will be obliged to move off campus for the remainder of the semester. Online classes and other accommodations will enable them to complete their spring academic requirements remotely.
As this news attests, what we are learning about the spread of the coronavirus is rapidly evolving and calls for new responses on a daily basis. I am mindful of the uncertainty and concern that accompanies a changing situation of this kind, but please know that the University is in constant contact with public health officials and that administrators across our campus are taking steps to proactively mitigate the potential impacts of the virus. We will communicate often and transparently concerning these steps to keep you as informed and safe as possible.
While it is important to keep our campus open to ensure that Princeton’s mission of research, teaching, and service continues, social distancing is also critical if we are to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. To this end, the University is asking managers to use their best judgement to consider flexible work arrangements that still meet their units’ needs and obligations and are consistent with institutional guidelines. Please see the HR website for policies and tools available to managers to craft those strategies.
This is an exceptionally stressful time, so do not hesitate to make use of the following resources: 

  • Employee Assistance Program through Carebridge: 24/7 by calling (800)-437-0911io
  • Teladoc and Teladoc Behavioral Health: Teladoc website or download the Teladoc app

I will continue to keep you posted of changes to HR policies, which are regularly updated on HR’s website, but for now, work wisely, limiting your direct exposure to others as much as possible and remaining home if you or someone close to you exhibits symptoms that are associated with the coronavirus.
Thank you and be well.

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