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March 14 Message from Dean Dolan on Undergraduate Move-out and Financials

From: Dean of the College Jill Dolan

To: Princeton Undergraduate Parents

Date: March 14, 2020

Re: Undergraduate Policies about Refunds and Credits for Room and Board

Dear Princeton Parents,

I hope your student is saying their good-byes, packing up their room, and preparing to join our virtual community.  I’m attaching two photos of life on campus:  one of our packing supplies and staff in Dillon Gym and the other of a few cars lined up to take students off campus on this very sunny day.  We’ve all been very busy.  

I write to update you on our now-established policies about refunds and credits for room and board, as the University mobilizes around reducing the impact of the coronavirus on campus.  Here is some guidance about what you can expect.   

Refunds and Credits

The University will provide pro-rated reductions of room and board and residential college fee charges for the remainder of the spring semester after spring break for those students who leave campus by March 19.

We’re calculating the undergraduate room credit as $2,838, or nine-sixteenths of the semester charge, to reflect the nine-week period from March 19 through the semester’s end.

Students on the unlimited meal plan will receive a credit of $1,986, based on the same share-of-semester factor.  Students on block plans will receive a proportional credit equal to the remaining balance of unused meals on their account as of March 19.

First- and second-year students who paid the residential college fee will receive a $262 offset to that charge, under the same proration factor.

Both aid and non-aid students will have their room and board charges reduced by the pro-rated amounts. Financial aid credits will not be reduced; students will retain their aid.

We expect to post these credits to student accounts no later than March 27th.  Any balance owed on an account will be deducted from the credit. Students can request that the balance be released to them (preferably through direct deposit) or left as a credit against future charges.

Students who remain on campus will not receive a credit for either room or meals.

We plan to ensure that online instruction continues through the end of the semester, so that students can complete their coursework and receive their course credit.  In that case, tuition will not be refunded.

Move Out Allowance

Students on financial aid will each receive a $150 credit to help with the expense of moving off campus, which will be credited to their account by no later than March 19.  The $150 will be credited automatically, regardless of the student’s account balance.

Students with direct deposit will receive these funds quickly. Students not already enrolled in direct deposit are encouraged to do so through TigerHub at Do note that these funds may be considered a taxable, non-qualified scholarship.

Please contact the Financial Service Center ( if you have any questions or to discuss electronic options for receiving the credit balances on your account.

Additional guidance related to financial accommodations can be found at

We appreciate your patience as we’ve worked diligently and carefully to make decisions and arrangements to address the impact of this international public health crisis on our campus. 

I’ll be in touch again soon with information about how your student will be taught virtually.  I wrote to the faculty today.  They’re mobilizing to move their classes online and many of them have been in touch with their students.  We’re working hard to keep our teaching and learning community vital and strong in the face of this emergency.





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