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Alertus+ Desktop & Mobile Application

Princeton University students, faculty and staff may receive emergency messages sent via TigerAlert (formerly PTENS) as a pop-up message on their desktop, laptop or mobile device using the new desktop notification system.  To take advantage of this feature, install the program or app on your device following the instructions below. 
Please note that DeSC computers receive the software automatically.

MICROSOFT WINDOWS (Desktop or laptop)  <<Updated 5/25/2017>>

Download the Alertus® Desktop Client Configuration file (A) and the application installation file (B or C) for the operating system installed on the computer to be configured.

Alertus Desktop Configuration File

  (A)  AlertusDesktopAlert.exe.config (All Windows Systems)


Alertus Desktop Alert Application for Windows OS

  (B) alertus-desktopalert_DotNet4.5_v3.5.7.228.msi (Windows)
  (C) alertus-desktopalert- (Windows 7 & Below)



Save the configuration (A) and installation file (B or C) for your operating system in the same file location and then execute the installation file (B or C) to begin installation.

MAC (Desktop or laptop)

Download the Alertus® Desktop Client installation file below to install on a Mac machine.

  alertus-desktop-osx- (Mac OS)



The Alertus+ Mobile App is available for download for all iPhone and Android mobile devices.  Setup is quick and easy and can be utilized by anyone from within or outside of the Princeton University campus community.

First, download and install the Alertus+ Mobile App from iTunes App or Google Play store.  There is no cost to download the client.

Next, launch the application and when prompted, enter the following information.

Organization Code: princeton (not case sensitive)
PIN Code:                 PTENS

Upon completing the data entry, you will be prompted for a valid email address.  Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation email, click the link in the email to verify your account.

Once you’ve completed the configuration of Alertus+ Mobile App a Setup Tutorial will appear describing how best to configure the “Alerts.”

Note: By default, push notificaitons on iOS Devices appear as "Banners", which only appera for 5 seconds. Alertus recommends changing the alert style to "Alerts" and enabling sounds.

Please send question and feedback to ‘’ with the subject line, “Alertus Mobile App”.

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