TigerAlert User Portal Registration

Through the new web portal, accessible through the Central Authentication System, individuals may select which non-emergency messages they would like to receive and the way they want to receive them. Click on the option for Opt-In Lists to see the available non-emergency messages, which include:

  • phone calls for delayed openings, closings and early dismissals due to weather events
  • traffic alerts
  • construction updates
  • Facilities outages notifications

Once you select the list(s) for which you are subscribing, there is no need to confirm your responses or click any other buttons - your preferences are saved.

For non-emergency messages, the portal allows users to control the delivery method.  For example, for delayed openings, closings and early dismissals, you may choose to receive phone calls via your mobile phone or home phone.  

Using the "My Account" tab, you can review your settings and add additional email addresses or phone numbers that may not be reflected in your HR Self-Service or TigerHub information.

If you have questions or difficulty setting your preferences, please email [email protected] for assistance.